And the winner is…

It took over 35,000 votes, loads of ideas and comments, four finalists, and a few anxious moments at the ‘Summit in the Jungle’, but the inaugural G Project has its champion at last. G Adventures and Planeterra are thrilled to announce that Lee-Ann Gibbs is the first-ever G Project winner. With $25,000 in start-up funding, Planeterra can now bring Lee-Ann’s idea to life. To everyone who planned, judged, and otherwise contributed to the G Project, thanks for all you've done to help make our planet a little more perfect.

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Meet Lee-Ann Gibbs:
your 2013 G Project winner

Lee-Ann is an adventure seeker, world traveller, aspiring humanitarian and proud Canadian—all wrapped up in a corporate lawyer package. Lee-Ann has a long and impressive resume as an advocate and volunteer for groups including Samrakshak Samuha Nepal (SASANE), a Nepalese organization that trains female survivors of physical and sexual violence to be certified paralegals — and the focus of Lee-Ann’s idea for the G Project. The $25,000 G Project prize will no doubt help her garner more attention and support for SASANE’s worthy cause.

“I am ridiculously happy to be part of a movement like the G Project. It offers a chance to make a significant impact.”

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The G Project will return next year!

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Share your idea
to change the world.

G Adventures and the Planeterra Foundation are offering you the chance to make your world a little more perfect. We call it the G Project. It’s really simple: You submit ideas, the community votes on them, and the idea judged to have the most impact and greatest chance of success will be brought to life. Dream, think, change the world. That’s it!

Submissions Closed. View all submitted ideas.

It could earn you a trip to Costa Rica and $25,000 towards making it a reality.

If your idea makes the cut, you’ll join three others on a trip to Costa Rica to attend the inaugural Summit in the Jungle, where you’ll have a chance to hone your pitch before presenting it to a panel of experts, including G Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip. Together, they’ll choose the boldest idea with the greatest potential and bring it to life with $25,000 in funding.

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What matters to you?

Do you want to make your planet greener and more livable? Would you like to help a faraway community grow, or strengthen one close to home? It’s up to you. We’ve organized the G Project into four categories:


How can we make the world more equitable and safe? Ideas in this category should improve the well being of people by providing access to the necessities we all need to survive.

View Freedom Ideas


How can we create a more sustainable way of life? Ideas in this category should work to protect the planet’s beautiful things for future generations on a local or global scale.

View Beauty Ideas


What’s the quickest way to make society smarter and more tolerant? Ideas in this category need to promote education and understanding in a world that’s in constant flux.

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How can we build strong and vibrant communities? Ideas in this category should help empower locals and make any community a better place to live.

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Crowdsourcing a better world.

Hosted By G Adventures and The Planeterra Foundation, the G Project is open to everyday visionaries from all over the world with innovative ideas in any phase of development, from early concept to workable solution.

So, what will you do today, for tomorrow? Will you work to make our planet a more livable place to live? Will you help a faraway community grow or strengthen one closer to home? This is your planet, and it needs you now, more than ever.

More about the G Project & how it works

Meet the Judges

Jane Goodall

Primatologist; conservationist; humanitarian; author; founder, the Jane Goodall Institute

Tony Wheeler

Traveller; entrepreneur; co-founder, Lonely Planet

Les Stroud

Filmmaker; outdoor adventurer; survival expert; host of Survivorman

Jennifer Adams

Filmmaker; TV presenter; founder/executive producer, Places We Go

Cameron Sinclair

Co-founder, Architecture for Humanity

Wade Davis

Anthropologist; Explorer-in-Residence for National Geographic

Jordan Romero

Mountaineer; youth health advocate; fundraiser

Jonathan Tourtellot

Writer; editor; Founding Director of National Geographic Centre for Sustainable Destinations

Braulio Dias

United Nations Executive Secretary of the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity